Société espagnole de cardiologie

Modifié le : 17/09/2014


The main mission of the Spanish Society of Cardiology (SEC), as an organization which foments cardiovascular health through clinical and research excellence as well as education and information, is to ascertain the situation of cardiovascular disease in Spain with regard to measures of prevention, diagnosis and treatment, and to establish the necessary foundations for carrying out research projects.

In this regard for the two years to come, SEC has established various priorities relating to both actions outside the Casa del Corazón as well as other organizational and operational actions within the  Society. Promoting institutional relations with the Ministries of Health and of Education, the Spanish National Cardiovascular Research Centre and other relevant scientific societies such as the Spanish Society of Cardiovascular Surgery is essential for SEC.
However our internal organization is just as important. Within the Society we will reorganize our scientific publications including Revista Española de Cardiología and the Spanish Heart Foundation’s general public-oriented magazine, Corazón y Salud, as well as SEC’s recently launched website and editorial agency. We will also regroup sections and working groups that share common interests, in view of the current context of increasing productivity demands which penalize weaker and more vulnerable groups. It is important that our affiliated societies participate more actively in program development and outreach efforts to disseminate information about SEC to both healthcare professionals and the public in general.

PDF document attached : Impulso Vital Period 2010-2012 (in Spanish and English)